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My father is dying

Sunset in Mountain

Due to his high level of anxiety Al was referred by his Consultant Psychiatrist. When I met Al it soon became clear that his anxiety had an unusual cause.

“I am so worried…for some time now I have had visions of my father’s death. Mum died a year ago, and before she did, I saw her death as well.”

Without disclosing my thoughts, that this could all well be true, I tried to reassure him that it didn’t mean that this would have to happen now.

“If all this is true, we know that precognitive dreams or visions are usually impossible to locate according to time. Mediums are usually unable to connect future events to a specific time”, I said gently.

Al didn’t seem to feel encouraged by my reassurance. He looked tired, gloomy and his physical health was compromised with hip problems and an unhealthy life style.

“My mother was very psychic. I just feel that there is something to it”, he said.

Al was finally accepted for hypnotherapy, but he had to be put on the waiting list. His hopes were suddenly shattered when my employer decided to suspend all treatments. Al told me that he could not afford to pay for the treatment privately.

A few months later I was almost ready to start my first private hypnotherapy clinic, when I one day had a call from Al’s father, Ben. This lovely gentleman told me that it was very important that I gave Al priority, and Ben was going to pay for the treatment.

“It is so important that Al get’s this now, and God bless you doctor for doing this for him”, he said before he hang up. Later he sent me an email which read:

“Al was absolutely delighted when I phoned him this morning to tell him of your confirmation mail, and, as I said to him, be certain that this is the beginning of the end of his terrible thoughts and torments.

My dear wife passed over into spirit last year and I know that she will be watching and helping, as she did throughout our marriage of 59 years.”

In December 2007 Al had his first session. He went to past lives but also spoke to his mother and brother in Spirit. She told him bluntly that he had to change his life style. Al was overwhelmed with joy and optimism about his future. Although it would take some time, I felt sure he was going to recover completely. When he left I wondered when his father was going to leave him.

The following Tuesday I had an urgent call on my Hospital mobile from Al. He was crying and told me that his beloved father suddenly and completely unexpected had died on the Monday following the first LBL session.

Al took some time off, arranging for the funeral and selling his father’s property. When Al came back for his next session, he now not only had a conversation with his mother and brother, but also father. This time Ben didn’t use internet or the phone, but instead communicated from Spirit through his own son.

My thoughts were that the speed of this line was faster than the speed of light.

“They all look young. My father is happy that I do this now. Both my parents thank you! It was all meant to happen, but my mother is pointing her finger, telling me that I have to sort out my life now. It is not time for me to pass on yet. There are more things for me to do, and I have to realise all this”, Al said.

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