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London 2025

London Abstract

He was in his mid 50′s and his major concern was depression and some anxiety. He made it clear that he was a rather down to earth chap, and he had never paid God any interest. Leigh pointed out that he was far from being a spiritual person.

“Don’t worry. I’m not a priest, and it’s none of my business what your believe in or not.”

After a couple of sessions with Leigh, he one day took off in a completely unexpected and concerning direction. I had no intentions to take him to the future, but never the less he started talking about London.

“It’s really strange this one. I can see loads of black birds on the rooftops of the parliament and other  houses in the city. I can’t understand what’s going on. Ohh, it seems that a lot of people have left London. But many have stayed, and the rich ones have built themselves bomb shelters due to some sort of attack they are expecting. ”

“Why would anyone build private bomb shelters?”

“There was some sort of warning in the newspaper. The government was well aware about the threat and they have secretly moved their offices up north?”

“I see, to another suitable British city?”

“No, in fact they have chosen Edinburgh.”

“But that’s in Scotland!”

“I know, but it’s under British jurisdiction more or less anyway….”

“What year is this?”

“2025,” Leigh answered without hesitation.

“Did the terrorists attack?”

“Yes they did. They used a neutron bomb. It’s a fission bomb releasing  enormous amounts of neutrons generated by the fusion reaction. By doing that their main objective was achieved. They wanted to cause as many casualties as possible. All the bomb shelters became absolutely useless due to the enormous radiation released by this thermonuclear weapon. When people start to come out of  their shelters, they start dying everywhere due to severe radiation. It’s shocking and absolutely awful. ”

“Are you really sure about this?”

“I am telling you what I see and what knowledge I get. I don’t understand why I have to experience this ordeal!”

“What did the government do about all this?”

” Well they knew that there was a risk of a nuclear device being used, but I don’t think they expected this. It’s obvious they knew! Why would they otherwise have moved the whole government up to Edinburgh?”

When Leigh later came back from his hypnotic journey in to his uncomfortable future, he expressed feeling extremely uneasy and concerned.

“If I tell anyone this, they will consider me nothing less than a nutter,” Leigh finished that day.

Today 2020, about 12 years after this session I am slowly starting to feel uneasy. The world has changed dramatically in a way no one could possibly anticipate. Due to peoples anger and terrorist now having small cells scattered along Europe, anything could happen.

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