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Spiritual Healing

How souls are healed and rejuvenated

Many clients report how they are taken care of by special Healing Master soul and their junior healers in the Centre for Healing of Souls or Centre of Rejuvenation. It is remarkable how often completely independent clients report stories that often describe the same details.


How a Soul can be stitched

In some very rare cases, souls have described how they have been taken in to The Healing centre, after a very demanding life. Usually the soul feels tired, and the energy is affected by negative experiences. One of my clients describes how she is healed by a Master of healing.

“There is an orb going around me in circles from top to bottom. It reminds me of a CAT-Scan at the hospital. This device seems to measure my souls energy level and where I have certain gaps in the energy. Once the orb has finished it measurement, the master takes it…. I then realise that the device has taken some sort of energy out of my soul, because now I see a blue-print of my soul stretched out through the space in front of the Master. Then she starts stitching some of the energy-fields affected by my terrible experiences. Then this blue-print is sent back in to the orb. The orb then put my energy back inside my soul. I feel completely refreshed, almost like having en empty battery recharged!”



This client, Roxanne,  suffered from chronic depression and a lifelong experience of constant tiredness. She reported only having brought 40 % of her energy with her in to life. This was one of her problems. When she was taken to the Centre for Healing, she told the following:

“I am going in to The Garden of Souls, and there is a blue woman waiting for me. She is beautiful with big, blue eyes. She takes my hand and leads me in to the healing centre. There is a cloud above my head….and suddenly a shaft of light is coming down from the sky like a shower…i feel rejuvenated….The Healing Master tells me that I will have to come back..”



When this woman left this particular session she was smiling, and she appeared almost like a battery just being recharged, full of vitality and energy. But her problem was that she very quickly went back to her state of chronic tiredness, and she still needs more sessions.

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