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The Quantum Brain



The future is always a statistical possibility. No matter if we want it or not, a synchronisation occurs with the present. What we do today affects tomorrow. The consciousness seems to control chance by reaching synchronicity. It happens daily in people’s lives, and we usually just end up saying “what’s the chance?”


The ruling scientific view is that the cosmos is ruled by the second law of thermodynamics, i.e. that everything moves towards disorder and chaos. The question is if we in reality do not move towards a more developed, super conscious and beautiful world. A sign of this is our possibility to understand that we can go from using 10% of the brain to 100%. Such a brain could be described as a quantum brain.


The physical body would require an absurd amount of energy to move at light or above light speeds. Paradoxically enough the mind or hyperconsciousness would not require the same amount of energy. Through a, for me still mysterious, inter-dimensional interaction, knowledge is transferred between the 3D-brain and hyperspace. Psychologists would talk about events in the subconscious or collective unconscious, without further contemplating how this occurs. Physicists would talk of quantum processes without daring to draw any premature conclusions regarding eventual effects on the brain’s neurons. The question one should ask is if the brain on a subatomic level reflects a hologram of the whole.


A hologram is a picture of for instance a person, created by two laser beams. When the beams meet interference is created, and a picture of the light pattern appears. This image can only be seen when the picture is affected by light. If we decide to split the image in smaller pieces, they will all show the same person but with fewer details. Micro cosmos begins to reflect macro cosmos.


In my view the human brain reflects the same thing. It recalls, independent of time, events from past, current and sometimes frighteningly enough also future lives. The case of Leif showed according to the same model, reflections of this hologram from a past life, and Elisabeth might possibly show something similar of a future we yet do not know. Many would naturally talk of pure speculation, but we must remember that within modern physics this is far more than just speculation. We speak of multidimensional states and the possibility of a quantum brain. A state which arises from the subconscious’ possible connections to a super consciousness, or according to Jung a collective unconscious state.


It may sound like a naïve thought, but it is still a regularly recurring experience. When the patients feel a state of absolute white light after carefully completed relaxation, a boundless state of experiences rises. Often patients return to memories of early childhood, and recall in great detail long forgotten events. This is naturally nothing unique. It has occurred in many regressive and hypnotic states in the past. Anton Mesmer, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and many others have all worked with this world.

Yet it is important to demonstrate the differences between hypnosis and regressive relaxation. During hypnosis it is not uncommon that the patient completely lacks memory of the session. The therapist therefore presents a tape or tells them. Personally I believe it is incredibly important that the patient always is conscious and thereby has full control, or can help to control. A recurring experience is that no one is exposed to more than he or she seems able to handle. Why this is so is naturally again speculation, but I believe that the quantum brain once again is the answer. In this subatomic synchronous non-casual state, there is the possibility of absolute knowledge. But just like with computers not all events (files) are accessible. Some are simply protected. It is not possible to access this knowledge. It seems as if it is here that the individual state of consciousness is decisive in regards to whether access is given or not. And why would consciousness be given access to something it would not understand anyway?


In total each individual is still given such a formidable experience that it is more than enough. Sandy described this well as she said with simple words:

‘I have gotten to where I wanted. I neither want nor need any more sessions. Life has been given a completely new meaning.’


On a deeper plane there is a purpose. This purpose is not to become rich or famous. Instead we probably choose between different states and lives in order to through these experiences create a foundation for true spiritual development and evolution in consciousness. Often we lose the holographic matrix we created before we were born. The physical life is condensed by matter, and soon we are trapped in circles of other people’s joy, hate, suffering, greed and love. Sometimes something extreme is required to awake a slumbering soul in the stiff and sluggish body. Gone is the absolute spiritual awareness. Everything is created so that we through our bodies can reach a maximum of experiences. As many know a life is all too short to experience or do just a fraction of everything we want. Probably we decide already in the matrix-state, what will be our main theme. And the years pass. When death approaches we would like to turn everything right. We feel anxiety and regret. Some of us even become religious. The main part of humanity is also convinced that life is more than a body which breathes and dies. What differs among us is the view on life after death and not the least karma, cause and effect.


In the end all our lives are given a meaning. A meaning which for the individual themselves often seems no less reasonable that the current life’s different stages from childhood to old age and death. Life and death is for many given a whole new meaning. The experience could be described as religious, but involves a complete turnaround in the view on both the ego and the surrounding world. The body lives and dies, but the soul seems to eternally and inextinguishably continue its work towards perfections. All isms and dogmas ultimately become meaningless. The respect for life expands explosively.


Finally Michael Newton’s explanation of how our physical life operates in unity with the afterlife appears not only understandable, but also fully possible:


‘Intelligent waves of energy create subatomic particles of matter, and it is the vibrational frequencies of these waves which make matter react in the desired direction.’


Cause and effect over time and space becomes apparent, and none can better than Isis describe the experience of understanding exactly this:


‘I have always known it, but I did not have the ability to express it!’

(Extract from my book Afterlife)

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