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What does COVID mean for our Spiritual growth?

Blackfoot Piegan Native Americans in Northern Montana, ca. 1908. Colorised by Jared Enos.

Now, what could potentially be the higher meaning of all this?

The short answer is transformation and change. Spiritually many people have suddenly been forced to wake up to a different world. They have to contemplate their whole lives, behaviour and relationships. When sitting in front of their televisions and computers they notice a chilling sensation in their stomachs or spines. Over night freedom has been lost. The world has changed for ever. Why?

Every soul must now start to contemplate the truth that if they truly want to be free, they must stand up with others to once and for all fight darkness. The naive thoughts about revolution when attending a socialist lecture at the University, suddenly turns into a real nightmare of challenging inconveniencies. A voice keeps whispering:

'It is all a conspiracy. I must stop reading newspapers and listen to those brainwashing news channels repeating the same script. It is not at my doorstep. They tell me I am asked to choose. i don't want to. I just want to live my life alone. I don't care. It doesn't bother me. It is not about me. I have money, a house and a good family. I need to find a safe place.'

Those few that dare researching and exploring the truth about global control slowly starts growing in numbers. Initially they are condemned and despised, because the dark forces turn everything that challenge it"s agenda, into the the opposite. It is conspiracy and fake. It is even a threat to your life and existence. You are asked to remove those who does not obey. It ultimately becomes a choice between light and darkness. Who cares you think.

But spiritually you suddenly wake up. Your internal world has changed, and as a consequence your perceptions and projections change. You don"t need those trips to Greece and US. You don"t need that fancy car or that exclusive villa.

Then they tell you that you don"t need to own anything. Everything you need you can hire. Finally they tell you that all debts are void, and when you wake up, your savings have been transformed into a digital currency. You are told that "The Great Reset" has been enforced and they will 'Build Back Better". It is all for your own good. Then the food shortages started and famine appeared out of nowhere.

But something else happened around the world among all these isolated souls. They reconnected not only by using information technology, but foremost by an unseen, unstoppable spiritual force. They all opened their doors and simply walked out on masse. It was unprecedented in history. People were not expected to wake up. They were expected to sleep and not get involved as they had always done.

What yesterday appeared to be a dull and selfish person, today became an enlightened soul prepared to sacrifice himself for the many. They became so many that any opposition was silently incorporated without almost any resistance. Their enlightenment reached every corner of darkness. It was like a healthy white blood cell swallowing thousands and thousands of virus particles without any resistance. It suddenly became clear that the most invisible organism could change a whole planet. The old idiom 'as above so below' made common sense..

The rise of a united voice started slow but grew to an unstoppable human spiritual hurricane. For the first time in the modern civilisation the need of true spiritual freedom became the main reason for living. The removal of the few controlling the many, was ultimately achieved. It had not happened over the last 12 000 years. It was truly unprecedented in the whole human history of five civilisations.

Souls from all over the Universe wanted to volunteer and participate in this exceptional transformation. It had never happened before in any Universe in any dimension. It was so exceptional that it became the main news in every 'alien' civilisation. The final transformation of a whole planet to a new level of existing consciousness. It became the start of the golden age.

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