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A planet aimed for self destruction?

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

by Marcel Westerlund MRCPsych MRANZCPsych, MD, RN member of AAAS

The scientific truth about the looming climate disaster, is nothing less than chocking. Yet main stream media, politicians and most people prefer to ignore the truth. Most are busy with their own plans. The reason is not that they don't understand. The reason is much more simple. It is easier to dismiss warings as delusions and scientific data as nothing less than conspiracy theories. It is easier just continue as usual.

Our planet has with an increasing speed, been racing toward self-destruction. Along this journey humanity has so severly polluted our seas with plastic that they can no longer cool the planet. The geo-magnetic poles are busy with geo-magnetic excursions, and simultaneously the geo-magnetic field is weakening so fast that weather chaos happends almost on a daily basis.

Almost every human has been bombarded with the accusation that we as a specie destroy our planet with CO2. But the truth is that the atmospehere only contains 0.04 % CO2, and part from humans depositing plastic and garbage everywhere, the truth about global warming is much more dangerous. What are they hiding?

All planets in our solar system are affected by an invisible force heating up the inner cores, and this time the blue jewel in the crown of cosmos, is ultimately facing complete destruction. What is going on?

The 12 000 year cycle

When the catastrophy hit 12 000 years ago it killed most people, and since you are alive there were pockets of survivors. It is possible that sites like Derinkuyu, Turkey, and other underground complexes were deliberately made as survival bunkers prior to the disaster. Those people were at the same point as we are today. They understood.

Later this cataclysm has been called the Gothenburg event. The one 24 000 years ago was called Lake Mungo, Mono Lake was 36 000 years ago, Lachamp 48 000 and possibly the worst, the Toba event 72 000 years ago, only left a few thousand survivors. That was a true extinction event, almost completely wiping out the human race.

Extinction events corroborated through ice cores, land strata, and oceanic sediments. (Courtesy Creative Society).

The 12 000 year cycle as evident in ice core data.  (Courtesy Creative Society).

How do we know this? There is actually plenty of data to show these extinction events. Both ice core data showing clear volcanic ash layers from Canada and Greenland, strata from US and other places, sediments from the oceanic floor and on top samples from the moon showing an immense impact from the sun.

Warnings from past survivors

From every corner of the earth, survivors of the last cataclysm have left evidence in myths (considered just fantasy by science), petroglyps in stone, megaliths and and other written accounts. From the bible, the Torah, the Indian Satha-Pranahma book, Chinese annals, Prashna Upanishads, the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, The Mongols, Japan, New Zealand, South-America, Ojibway Indians of the Great Lakes, Ute Indians of California, Takahlis Indians of the Pacific Northwest, Quiches Indians, Central America and a high number of other cultures, all unanimously give the same story. Their world was destroyed by a gigantic deluge, the sun experienced a mini-nova, and most people perished. You are a living reminder of the fact that some people survived. Do you want to survive now?

The truth has been deliberately ignored, hidden and considered just insane myths by a society of many, ruled by the very few. One of the most important evidence lately is the discovery of Göbekli Teple, putting our history back by another 6 000 years. For 10 000 years this site was hidden. It gives evidence of an advanced society that for some reason prior to the deluge, decided to cover the whole site for later generations to re-discover.

Göbekl Tepe, Anatolia, Turkey, estimated to be at least 11 500 years old.

Here are a number of ancient accounts of the event that wipe out humanity 12 000 years ago.

'....they (common people) tried to climb the trees, and the trees shook them from their branches; they tried to hide in the caves and dens of the earth, but these closed their holes against them...' The legend continues to describe that survivors from that civilisation took refuge in seven caves. After the destruction had passed, the survivors emerged from their caves to find that the sun was not visible. (Quiches Indians, Central America)

'...a general conflagration swept over the earth consuming every living thing except for a few people who took refuge in a cave' (Takahlis Indians of the Pacific Northwest).

From the Chinese annals of Yahou it was written;

'At that time the miracle is said to have happened that the sun during a span of ten days did not set, the forests were ignited, and a multitude of abominable vermin were brought forth. In the lifetime of Yao (Yahou) the sun did not set for ten full days and the entire land was flooded. An immense wave 'that reached the sky' fell down on China. The water was well up on the high mountains, and the foothills could not be seen at all...'destructive in their overflow are the waters of the inundation', said the emperor. 'In their vast extent they embrace the hills and overtop the gret heights, threatening the heavens with their floods..' (I Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision; Victor Gollancz, London, 1950, p 108).

The philosopher Wen Tze gives the following description of the deluge;

'When the sky, hostile to living beings, wishes to destroy them, it burns them, the sun and the moon lose their form and are eclipsed; the five planets leave their paths; the four seasons encroach one upon another; daylight is obscured; glowing mountains collapse; rivers are dried up; it thunders then i winter, hoarfrost falls in summer; the atmosphere is thick and human beings are choked; the state perishes; the aspect and the order of the sky are altered; the customs of the age are disturbed (thrown into disorder) and all living beings harass one another.'

(I Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision; Victor Gollancz, London, 1950, p 247).

The Torah surprisingly gives the number between polar reversals and the cataclysm, stated to be 12 068 years (D Vogt). 'During this period of 120 years, it is said that the sun rose in the west and set in the east.' In fact there are accounts from South-America, stating the same.

A legend from ancient Egypt states;

'There have been, and will again be, many destructions of mankind out of many causes; the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire and water, and other lesser ones by innumerable other causes...In the first place you remember a single deluge only, but there were many previous ones; in the next place, you do not know that there formerly dwelt in your land the fairest and noblest race of men which ever lived, and that you and your whole city are descended from a small seed of remnant ot them which survived.'

For that reason it is still confusing to see ancient Egyptian scultptures and stone constructions having been scorched by fire from one side.

Unexplained evidence of sudden heat on one side of an ancient Egyptian structure. To be dismissed by main-stream science.

The intergalactic current sheet

1859 the force field of the intergalactic sheet arrived. It was called the Carrington event, and during that event telegraphs simply started to burn and auroras was seen around the globe. The geo-magnetic storm was caused by an immense CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) that raced towards our planet within less than 18 hours. If such an event happened today, we simply wouldn't have any modern technology left.

But this was just a mild reminder from our galaxy. A warning of a 12 000 year cycle, now rapidly approaching its final stage. Last time, 12 000 years ago, Göbekli Tepe and other megalithic structures were built, only to re-surface recently and cause dismay and anger within a self-obsessed scientific community always stating that our civilisation started 6 000 years ago with the Sumerians. History had to be re-written, and assumptions written in stone had to be abandoned. It did not happen without resentment.

Last time the intergalactic sheet injected our solar system with an unknown energy, our planet was at the bottom of our spiral milky galaxy, and so the people survived long enough to tell stories, later to be considered myths and nonsense, not part of our self-inflated advanced civilisation. Our ancestors tried to warn us in petroglyphs, megalithic structures, myths and even written language. Stories about the great deluge is well known in almost every culture, and yet particularly the Western world has deliberately ignored its veracity. The very few have been busy controlling the masses from knowing the truth.

This time we are less fortunate. We are now on top of the galaxys spiral arm, getting the full impact of the recurrent energy. The geo-magnetic protective shield around our planet is rapidly shrinking. The geo-magnetic poles have since 1859 been travelling with an increasing speed towards new locations caused by the earths jeopardized inner core.

Earth quakes, auroras, disappearing water, and an every day increasing number of natural catastrophies are shaking the planet. The implications are completely devastating unless we act united to save our planet and build a shield. Yet, very little point in such a direction.

History does not seem to teach us a lesson, and as such we are doomed to repeat our self-destruction. World wide leaders happily spend trillions of dollars to wage wars, but question why anything at all is needed to save our planet.

The sun and our planets in turmoil

Astrophysics has evolved from super-nova, over recurrent nova, to the recently proved and established mini-nova. The latter showing that the stars involved continues to live.

Sun spots as evidence of the suns +11 year cycle, have been measure from as early as 800 B.C (I Ching). The Gleissberg cycle postulated 1862 by Wolf, and confirmed by Gleissberg 1939, shows the recurrent strengthening and weakening of the suns magnetic pole correlated with number of sunspots. It is possible that during the next solar cycle, no 26 (since 1755), the suns mini-nova will take place at the sunspot minimum. That points towards 2046, as suggested by D Vogt.

Credit: Katie Peek; Sources: SILSO data, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels; “Solar Activity Nine Millennia: A Consistent Multi-Proxy Reconstruction,” by Chi Ju Wu et al., in Astronomy & Astrophysics; April 4, 2018; Daguerreotype image of sun by Louis Fizeau (1845 image); Carnegie Institution of Washington (1947 image); Sunspot drawing from John of Worcester's chronicle of England (1128 image)

When Apollo 16 landed on the moon 1972, John Young and Charles Dukes main mission was well hidden for taxpayers. The truth about the race to the Moon between USA and the Russians was never about walking on the moon. It was far more serious. It was about the suns re-ocurring mini-nova. Evidence had to be gathered.

Not only did they describe a moon surface covered with green, yellow, black and red glass, but they also brought back samples with radio-active elements such as aluminum-26, beryllium-10, magnesium-26, iron-60, thorium-230 and other evidence from the suns dust shell thrown out with immense speed and temperature, 12 000 years ago. Importantly it was discovered that aluminium-26 can only be created by a nova, and this radio-active element was deposited more recently in geological terms.

Within the glass are fission tracks caused by the cosmic ray burst by the sun. NASA found that approximately 27 % of the soil surface on the side of the Moon facing Earth, is made up of these glass beads. On Kodiak Island, south coast of Alaska, scientists have detected an increase of 50 - 80% of radio-active elements, from + 11 000 years ago. That is clear evidence of the dust shell that once hit Earth and the Moon.

Lunar glass samples from Apollo 15. (Courtesy NASA and D Vogt).

It is possible that our suns mini-nova is triggered by the inter-galactic current sheets magnetic influence and the inter-stellar dust. When the dust is deposited on the sun, it would trigger a pressure reaction causing an immense solar flash. The sun will 'sneeze'. The initial explosions will be seen within 8 minutes, and the following deadly dust shell will reach earth within less than 18 hours. The heat will cause huge fires of the planets side turned towards the sun. When the impact of the dust shell hits, earths atmosphere will be compressed and travel with an enormous speed to the opposite side. Due to Boyles law of compressed gases, the air will return by such a speed that the temperature could well reach absolute aero. All species on that side of the planet will freeze to death instantaneously. This could actually explain why animals have been found in Siberia, instantly frozen to death whilst eating. A normal slow freezing process would simply not allow the tissue to remain intact for 12 000 years.

The Yukagir mammoth found in Yakutia 2002, died approx. 22 000 years ago.

All planets in our solar system are affected by this unexplained cosmic force. Pluto has lost 20 % of its atmosphere. Neptune experience a huge planetarian reversal storm. Recently NASA noticed the activation of a mantle plume on Mars. Jupiter sends out strange radio-signals and recently aurora was observed on Mars. Something has changed.

The magma and the CO2 myth attributed to humans

The rotation speed of the planet has been increasing whilst our day has become slightly shorter, at least since 1995. The cause is not truly known, but scientists assume that an energy from our galaxy or perhaps the intergalactic current sheet is the main culprit, seriously affecting the inner cores rotation and place. The inner core of our planet is simply heating up.

The inner core of our planet is showing alarming symptoms of sickness. The viscosity of the magma has changed and the energy affecting the core from outer space, seems to heat up the magma, rapidly rising towards the lithospehere (outermost layer of the planet). With this, the floor of all oceans are showing evidence of a slight but yet astonishing and unexpected rise in temperature. Due to the enormous amount of plastic humans have deposited in our oceans, the cooling effect of our climate is no longer present, and instead, CO2 is released from our oceans in to our atmosphere, further contributing to the global warming. Currently our atmosphere only contains 0,04% CO2, but 92 % of all CO2, is stored in our oceans.

In a historical perspective the surface temperature today is almost at the same levels as during the Roman empire. In fact the first known Clean Air Act is from 535 AD. Emperor Justinian proclaimed the importance of clean air as a birthright. By the law of nature these things are common to mankind—the air, running water, the sea.”

Great forest fires have historically caused increasing CO2-levels, particularly during extinction events as seen in the ice cores of Greenland. Something else is obviously at play here.

Volcanoes are without a doubt a much more serious threat to our environment, and a major volcanic eruption can change the weather around the globe. Such an event was the biggest volcanic eruption in 1 300 years, when Mount Tambora, the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia, erupted in april 1815. It is estimated the eruption, Volcanic Explositvity Index (VEI), was 7/8. It has been estimated that Tambora released 37 - 45 km3 of dense-rock equivalent (DRE), ashes and dust. The amount of released CO2 was enormous. On top sulphuric acids were released, further seriously affecting the environment and food supply. The following year, 1816, was labeled the year without a summer and global temperatures decreased by by 0,4 - 0,7 C. Scientists consider that a huge decrease. Parts of USA, Canada and Western Europe experienced severe crop failures and famine.

Now many volcanoes around the planet are becoming increasingly active. Etna in Italy is active and Iceland experience major issues with rising magma. If calderas (super volcanoes) like Campi Flegrei, Naples, Italy or Yellowstone in US, have major eruptions, our civilisation risk general destruction and collapse.

The magma has started to rise and clear evidence of this is seen in Western Antarctica, and Greenland where huge lakes are formed underneath the ice. Simultaneously an increasing number of earth quakes are shaking the Antarctica but also the rest of the world. Meanwhille Greenland experience the same, but here many billions of qubic melt water released into the Atlantic, are now threatening to disrupt the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) and causing an ice age in the northern hemisphere. The salinity of the Eastern basin is the lowest recorded over the last 120 years. When the magma has caused sufficient amount of ice to melt in Greenland, Europe is under an unprecedented existential threat.

In Siberia a looming catastrophy is already on its way. The temperature has in some areas risen as much as 5 - 7 degrees, and when the permafrost melts, enormous amounts of gasses will be released, further contributing to the ongoing global warming. The heated magma will create bubbles like the ones inside blood vessels of a diver rising too quickly, causing nitrogen to be released, causing muscle pain, stroke or even death. Breaking magma bubbles have powers exceeding nuclear bombs, causing magma to rise upwards. What was previously unthinkable, is now a reality. Deep zone (deeper than 700 km) earth quakes are now being recorded. The devastating earth quake in Turkey and Syria in February, 2023, was preceded by a deep zone earth quake. And yet an even bigger concern is that were earths crust is the thinnest, magma will break through and cause a potential catastrophy. One such area is the bottom of the Marianer trench in the Western Pacific Ocean.

The outer core of the mantle is melting and magma is rising.  (Courtesy Creative Society).

92 % of all CO2 is stored within our oceans. Normally that is no major concern. And in light of our past history, CO2 levels are much lower than 30 - 40 million years ago as seen in the following graph.

Statistically the public have been fooled by dishonest scientists showing manipulated limited data claiming catastrophic CO2-levels over the last 200 years. That data has deliberately been carved out to scare and support the CO2 global warming theory without showing the overall picture.

Atmospheric CO2-levels over the last 45 million years as PPM (Part Per Million) (Courtesy Creative Society).

But with a slow and steady increase of oceanic temperatures, the CO2 is now released into our troposphere, causing a steadily increased global temperature. They call that global warming, a true but twisted statement that doesn't tell you anything about the real cataclysmic cause. With an incresing number of tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes, rain of hails as big as 19 cm, snow in Saudi-Arabia and Marocko, devastating amounts of precipitations, land slides and a wide range of other weather phenomena, our mother planet is truly in the first stage of self-destruction. Any doctor facing such convulsions, knows that it is time to act in order to save the patient.

(Courtesy Creative Society).

From the beginning the media and establishment have all been on a carefully laid out deceptive mission, convincing people that they are the root cause of this global disaster. Al Gore, a politician, who received the Nobel Peace Prize 2007, for his thesis that poles would be ice free 2010, turned our be an absolute delusion.

The press try to convince people that a CO2-free environment is the only answer if we want a future. We simply have to stop all fossile fuels, go electric and rely on renewable energies that at best can cover 20 % of our needs. Cows are burping and farting too much and farmers have to be taxed. Humans simply have to breath less if we want to achieve some ridiculous and delusional political goals. Yet, despite medias deliberate obsession about CO2, unless we unite to save our planet, they still share the same future as everybody else. There is simply no time to argue. Either act or die. What do you think they chose?

The rising number of earth quakes

The number of earth quakes have been increasing considerably over the last 50 years, and the data presented have now started to exclude earth quakes with a magnitude of 4 or less, as seen in the following graphs. As we can also see on the following graph, different institutes presents different data

Seismic activity data according to the world's major seismic databases 1979 - 2014. (Courtesy Creative Society).

When carefully analysing the data it becomes clear that earth quakes are increasing considerably, and this is caused by the rising magma. One such example is Grindavik, Iceland, where 2 000 earth quakes with a magnitude between 2 - 5 were recorded between 8 -14 November, 2023.

The trick with the worlds seismic databases. (Courtesy Creative Society).

Missing data in seismic data. (Courtesy Creative Society).

The truth is that earth quakes are increasing all over the world and the compiled data with additional projected earth quakes, shows the following graph.

 (Courtesy Creative Society).

The coming pole shift and warning from Auroras

Since 1859 both the north and the south pole have left their original positions, the south pole travelling faster than the north. It has been estimated that the north pole is travelling from Canada towards Siberia with a speed of 55 km/year. All this caused by the intergalactic energy, that 1995 caused the inner solid core of our planet to slightly leave its original position. This has further affected both the rotational speed of the planet and as a consequence also reduced the 24 hour measured cycle. As a cynical message ,the planet is telling us that we are running out of time. But government funded scientists are seduced to tell us that pole shifts does occur but not in our time. The problem is that its already happening and our GPS systems have to be corrected more and more often. Time is clearly running out.

North geo-magnetic pole in blue and the south geo-magnetic pole in red. (Courtesy Creative Society).

Geo-magnetic excursions are all associated with major cataclysms on our planet. (Courtesy Creative Society).

Migrating birds are vulnerable to the decreasing geo-magnetic field, and as a dire warning they fall from the sky or die on their way to places they can no longer find. Whales and dolphins are found by the hundreds stranded on beaches for unknown reason. At the same time animals like the elephants in Thailand, have suddenly for unknown reasons, started to migrate north towards China. These wise elephants clearly know something humans don't.

Center for Geomagnetism in Kyoto, Japan, show the location of our pole in the northern hemisphere by 2025. (Courtesy Creative Society).

Over the past year an increasing number of auroras have been seen as far south as Turkey and Texas, US. These auroras suggests more than just a time for a wonderful photo or a stunning selfie. It is a warning of a coming death. The green light usually seen is caused by exitated electrons moving to a higher energy-state by radiation from the sun, causing oxygen to glow green when the electrons drop back to a lower energy state when emitting photons. This normally happens at an altitude of 100 - 300 km.The red colour is much more alarming. It indicates auroras at a lower than normal altitude, causing oxygen to shine red when emitting energy. This is a clear sign of an alarmingly weaker geo-magnetic shield. It is a 12 000 year reminder of a returning death angel from the sun.

Auroras around the planet during 2022 - 2023 (Courtesy Creative Society).


Planet earth is facing un unprecedented existential cosmic threat. As evident the global warming is not caused by humans, but by rising oceanic sea temperatures releasing enormous amounts of CO2, caused by rising magma from the earths inner core. Simultaneously our geo-magnetic poles have started magnetic excursion, and natural disasters are rising early globally. Earths inner core has moved, altering the planets dynamo functioning, severly reducing the geo-magnetic protection field around our planet. Rising magma also cause volcanic eruptions further contributing to rising CO2 levels. All this is caused by a re-occuring cyclical event of 12 000 years, triggerd by an inter-galactic energy burst yet not understood.

We are now rapidly approaching a potential solar mini-nova, and simultaneoulsy our beautiful planet face complete destruction. Are you willing to act in unity with humanity to save our planet?

Note: Feel free to use the whole article but DO NOT alter it's content or sources

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