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The perception of reality - freedom lost

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Even before the time of your birth, you have been affected by the world into which you have been born. As soon as you enter, others will have to decide what you need. Later they will decide what you should eat, how to dress, and even how to walk and talk. You are very fortunate if you grow up in a home where your loving parents support your independence and right to think freely. Being encouraged to question your reality, and to challenge the reality itself is in itself a sign of love and care.

If you are less lucky, people will decide to put you in a school where you must obey and conform to their teaching, no matter how absurd. To make sure everybody does the same, you must wear the same clothes, and for your own good you are warned about questioning this caring and loving system. If you in any form or shape question the system, you are at risk of being suspended, and sometimes even abandoned by those who are supposed to love and care. In fact, when they suspend you and throw you out, they must justify their own actions by saying:

'We have to do this to protect the weak and vulnerable ones you so blatantly threaten. You are in fact a disgrace to our wonderful community, and for your own good we have to releive you from further contact with our system. You must now pay for damages caused, apologize and then leave. We wish you all the best!'

As a child you want to share and be open about yourself and others. Unfortunately the system does not support that. Instead relgious, political and ideaological beliefs constantly bombard you, requesting you to surrender your mind, soul and sometimes even your body. If you accept and obey you will be given physical rewards. Soon you are caught up being dependant of not only material things but also drugs, gambling, sex, food, and anything that can keep you in this matrix of obedience. You have become a true slave.

Soon you discover that there is nothing more dangerous than the truth. The legal system does not necessary promote the truth. Instead the rich and powerful can often decide the outcome, whilst the poor and uninformed easily falls victim to these negative and powerful forces. If you admit a crime you might not even have done, the Judge will reward you with credits on your sentence. If you are equally found guilty of something you deep down know you never did, your sentence will be harsher, longer and in some rare cases even end with your execution. You look at the Lady of Justice. She is clearly blindfolded, but is she also deaf and indifferent to the truth?

You quickly learn that you must manipulate the surrounding reality, in order to maximise your return of invested energy and money. That is of course something you share with millions of others. Suddenly you realise that it is hard to know who is truthful, transparent and honest. You realise that your society is full of hippocracy. You start realising that you are living in a matrix of lies. Not even the history they tell you is true. It is a history based on conquer, subjugation, fear and death. It is the history of victory.

Words are wrapped in silk in order to smoothly be swallowed by ignorance and hope. Political, military, religious and industrial leaders tell you how much they care about your votes or your support. Yet their decisons often cause the opposite of their mesmerising promises. It seems that power make psychopaths build castles of delusions. You might even live in one of them. Congratulations!

In fact pre-planned deception, fraud, corruption, control and manipulation are so often used that it is hard to know when kindness and love turns up at your doorstep.

Slowly you realise that the world is far from what it is supposed to represent. You might even wake up one day in that castle, realising how deceived you have been. You are told that you can't travel anymore. The most natural thing is now dangerous. Experts constantly bombard you with their truths. And above all, the media make sure that the same program is constantly delivered on your plate every day. Fear, fear, you must feel the fear.

You must use specific garments and dresses. Your money should be controlled by others for your own good. If you disobey, the media call you a criminal, a threat to humanity. Surely they make sure you are harassed and bullied into complete submission. When you walk down to the cash machine, you find out that your credit card has been cancelled. For your own good.

The media tell you that for your own safety you should not even mix with your own family unless it is a matter of life and death. Your children at school are encouraged to stay away from each other because they could make someone die. Their anxiety increase by every breath, by every day they are bombarded with this information. In some places children work inside boxes to protect them from this dangerous world.

The elderly are kept isolated because they could die. The matrix is built more evil, more cruel and more inhumane. When the elderly die, they die isolated and lonely. Meanwhile the loving and caring media informs you that this is also for their own good. They tell you that you are listening to conspiracy theorists, creating a draconian world. It s for your own good they must protect you from ever getting close to the truth. Like putting you behind the Swedish screen above. But the Government sends you a paycheque for Christmas. They want to buy your soul. You can use the cheque in the castle where you are currently living. There you can buy dreams provided by CNN in a virtual reality show hosted by Cooper Anderson, the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. Congratulations, you are now fully compliant!

There are few things in the physical world that happens out of pure coincidence. Every step you now take is being monitored. Every letter you now type on your keyboard is in fact monitored. You smile and think that now he is going to far. Well, let us do an experiment!

I encourage you to write something unusual you want to buy on your Facebook page. You could even go as far as making a phone call to someone and talk about those things you want to buy.

Next time you open your Facebook page or even surf on the internet, you are surprised how the system seems to know exactly what you want to buy, what you spoke about during that phone call. First you are happy for their thoughtfulness. Second thoughts starts making you suspicious. You pull the plug and switch of the computer. How strange, the camera is still running with an eerie red light. Who is watching you?

These events are called algorithms and they can monitor everything you do. They are a small but vital piece of evidence to suggest that you are no longer in control of information. If you thought you had control, you must reflect and dare to question the reality surrounding you.

The uncomfortable truth is that you are more likely to be a slave under this system than not. The most dangerous thing that can happen to such a system is that you break free and start creating your own reality.

To be truly free is to love unconditionally, share what you know and own, question and allow being questioned, having no need to control and monitor, having no need to build castles of false promises, and having no need to conquer and rule.

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