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World Economic Forum leaders - Great reset coming

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Claus Schwab the chairman of the WEF has said that 'soon you will own nothing'. They work closely with the democrats in US and many other international leaders. Should we congratulate them to their great plans?

All debts will be void and changed to perpetual bonds.

In January next year we might see a digital currency in Europe.

You will eat less meat.

There will be food shortages 2021-2022.

Increasing risk of major riots.

Access to natural habitats will be restricted due to the need to protect your environment.

Western values are no longer needed.

Diesel- and petrol cars will be abandoned in UK 2030.

Your ability to travel freely must be stopped due to CO2-emissions.

The superrich will need to control all this.

Freedom of speech is no longer necessary.

Many elections will be suspended due to the need to reset.

You can no longer travel freely.

Organs will be printed not donated.

You will find this on WEF website

It i time to wake up! Do question if we embrace or dismiss the Great reset?

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