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Is it possible to truly predict the future?

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Most people would like to know if they will have a good life, win the lottery, meet a nice partner and be successful in business as well as life. Few would benefit from knowing about loosing loved once or even when they themselves would die. Would you like to know?

I have been blessed or cursed to know a number of future events. I wouldn't say it is always a blessing. Sometimes it can be a burden and sometimes even outright dangerous. In the section about remote viewing you can read about how governments try to use this method. Officially they will deny even trying. So what are some of the pieces of the future I have known?

When I was 18 and studying in the University City of Lund, Sweden, I met one of the most famous psychics of that time, Charlotte Leopold von Arenstorff. She told me that my girlfriends mother at that time would die from 'medication....she will not grow old...there is nothing you can do to stop it....'. She also told me that I would become either a psychologist or psychiatrist and that I would write a book that would be known all over the world. At that time I couldn't beleive her. In my ignorance I smiled and told her that I could stop whatever was going to happen. In a kind tone she told me that I had no such powers. She was right about my career, but the rest has not yet been fulfilled.

When I was a medical student in the city of Lund my family confirmed the prophecy.

This particular woman was around 60 and she had been treated due to breast cancer. She was considered fully recovered and now only went for a follow up at the University Hospital. When seen she also needed to do a CT scan of her brain, and she was given contrast to enhance the ability to review the results. Unfortunately she had metastasis in her brain. Due to that her brain vessels were frail and they burst due to the contrast. She died during the scan.

I knew that Trump would win the election 2016, when most people just laughed at such an idea. A client in England told me 2008 that 'the female President candidate would loose'. At that time no female candidate had ever run for the US election. So it seemed a bit far fetched. I told my oldest son, and he actually put money on Trump and made some good return. Clinton lost. I was stunned. But I have never used my knowledge to gamble, because I fear I would loose my knowledge. You can find this in my book Afterlife.

I knew when my stepfather would die but not the exact time, because he told me what he was concerned about in a dream. He even told me who the future buyer of the farm would be during a session following his death.

What was more scary was 2019 when I told my nurse that 'something terrible was going to happen but I just didn't know what'. She later told me she got really scared. The following day my oldest son died. It was devastating.

So even if I knew what was going to happen to the world tomorrow, do you honestly think people would believe me?

The answer is that people believe what they want to believe. If a prediction or prophecy comes true, they will twist the facts and tell you that it was only a struck of luck, nothing more. Even the main stream media would belittle, harrass, and bully you into submission of at best being manipulated, at worst being deluded. For them it must be their truth, or no truth at all. That is why the world is becoming increasingly divided. If you carefully read 10 newspapers or listen to 10 newschannels you will discover that they almost unanimously tell you the same stories. It is no longer an issue about truth. It is an issue about control. That means that the recent election in US has not been an issue about Trump or Biden, Republicans or Democrats, left or right. It has been an issue about good and evil. An evil seems to win.

Ultimately I have been told that it is not part of my destiny to try to save people I can not save. They need to want to be saved. I tried when I was 18 years old, but I failed. I realised that our existence is perhaps a hologram or matrix, and I am but a tiny part of the vast consciousness of the Great Architecht. There are things we can not change, yet we do have a free will to engage in events or not, and we do have the right to opt out, although it is not recommended. Suicide is after all not a very good solution.

I strongly suggest you read Mother Shiptons prophecy from 1625. Then you might start to realise that the life you live is far more complex than you could ever anticipate. It is an multidimensional structure where the physical third dimension is only one part of the whole. We will explore this more in future posts.

Your thoughts are far more powerful than you ever thought. They are ultimately the source of your and others existence. Look around you and ask you if you can see something that didn't start within the origin of a thought or conscious process. Creation ultimately start with a plan.

So perhaps we should be mindful about what we wish, becasue sooner than we might anticipate we might actually get it. Why? Because Universe respond to our thoughts since it is ultimately a conscious multi-dimensional order of existence, and we are at the lower end of it's existence.

The reason we are here is because the Universe or the origin of our existence needed experience or a state where it could reflect and contemplate on it's own existence. It needed a mirror. That could only be achieved through the physical form. If that is true, you are actually a result of what you think. If that is true the future has already been created, and when you tap in to that higher fifth dimensional order, you can access the future. The past, present and the future are actually not separate entities. They are simultaneously present in the absolute moment of now. You are. I am.

And these are for 2021. And the scare tactics and lockdown around COVID will continue until 2022 as I have expected.

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