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Oświęcim 1942

Women and children waiting to be killed at Auschwitz.

Kazia seemed to be in pain. Her face started to grimace, her eyes twinkle and her breath became more strained and irregular. She was apparently experiencing something difficult.

“What are you doing? What happens?”

“I am among people. We are standing. I am 6 years old. They are German soldiers. They are watching us.”

“How did you end up here?”

“The soldiers came to our house. They rape the little one….then my father is crawling on the floor…he is making resistance but they take him. My mother is trying to protect my three younger siblings. They just kill her by cutting her throat…..I can see that my siblings die in the house too….I am with my father on a truck that takes us away.”

“What’s your name?”


“What is the name of the place where you are?”

“It has two names….I hear different names…in Polish it’s Oświęcim, that is Auschwitz.”

I instructed her to clearly see the year.

“It’s May 1942. We are all dead!”

“How did that happen?”

“They just shot us all. It will become much better now for us all. ”

“What happened after you died?”

“I am with a tall man. He holds my hand and heals me. We walk around different places….”

Kazia started to smile and looked like she was enjoying herself.

“What are you doing?”

“Ohh, we just tell each other funny things.”

Then Kazia went to “The Council of Elders”.

“I am standing in front of a white tall building. I walk through the building and enter a room with the tall gentleman and two other men. They are all dressed in long white cloaks. They tell me that evil is created by man. By experiencing evil it is much easier to choose the right path. I choose the path of light. The tall gentleman tells me that I have made progress. I will see them again. I don’t have to worry. It will be fine.”

This story relates to the German koncentrationcamp Auschwitz Birkenau where the Germans committed genocide around 1,1 million people. Only around 200 000 survived.

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